Tessa’s experience spans three continents and sectors as diverse as food, fashion, the environment, technology and sport. The common factor is that her work focusses on strategically developing businesses and individuals by starting with what she believes should be the most critical, influencing factor – the BRAND.

With a background in brand development across multiple platforms including television, publishing, licensing, sponsorship, speaking, franchising, digital, social and traditional media to name a few, she understands how these business models can be used to both communicate and leverage brands - at the same time as maintaining the integrity of what they stand for.

Her specialties include:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Development

  • Brand Management

  • Business Development

  • Social Media Strategy

  • PR Strategy

  • Digital & Website Strategy

  • Intellectual Property Strategy

  • Publishing

  • Creative Project Management

Working for and collaborating with fast growing, entrepreneurial companies with strong leadership is what she loves.

Her success is evident by the companies and individuals she has had the honour of working with including Jamie Oliver, Natasha Sideris, the tashas Group, Fox Browne Creative, David Higgs, Lewis Pugh, Stella McCartney, Joe Boxer, and Razorfish to name a few.

Tessa was born and raised in Canada. She has lived in both the UK and the US for extended periods and now calls South Africa home.


With many years of experience is building brands around the world, Tessa is able to draw from a wealth of knowledge and has helped us grow as a brand and business tremendously. She has also helped me focus my efforts and energies effectively in building a brand that is based on me, my values and my why.
— Natasha Sideris, Founder & Managing Director - The tashas Group