Tessa has had the honour of working with a diverse group of individuals to capture their brilliance, create their brand and build their businesses. Working for and collaborating with entrepreneurial companies and individuals is what she loves.



Tessa led the re-branding initiative of Fox Browne Creative working with the founders of the company, Debra Fox and Chris Browne. The results showcase the brilliance of who they are and the work that they do.



Tessa has worked with Lewis for over 12 years in building his brand, speaking career, publishing books as well as advising on his overall strategy for his personal brand as well as for the Lewis Pugh Foundation.



Over the past six years, Tessa has worked closely with Natasha Sideris, Founder and Managing Director of The tashas Group, in building the many brands and businesses that she has created.


She inherently believes that you are the brilliance behind the business. Together she works collaboratively to define your brand, create your brand, and then develop and action a strategy to build your business based on your uniqueness and what you bring to the world.


Capture your brilliance and get clear on what you stand for and how it informs every decision you make.


Create the tools that you need to assure that you can develop a recognisable brand with a consistent look, feel and tone.


Know where you are now, where you want to go, how you are going to get there in a way that supports your WHY.


Get clear on the commercial opportunities available that support the growth of your brand and business.


Tessa’s experience spans three continents and sectors as diverse as food, fashion, the environment, technology and sport. The common factor is that her work focusses on strategically developing businesses and individuals by starting with what she believes should be the most critical, influencing factor – the BRAND.

She collaborates with her clients to capture their brilliance, create their brand and build their businesses.

She also loves executing big creative ideas with talented and inspiring people.

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